The Geneva Hostel: a prime example of sustainable tourism


Welcoming tens of thousands of travellers per year from all corners of the world, the Geneva Hostel is an intercultural and multigenerational place for living and communicating.

It is committed in favour of society, its environment and the economy in a variety of ways:

Social, health and security     

  • Welcoming any person without discrimination
  • A policy of prices that low-budget tourists can afford  
  • The provision of spaces for encounters 
  • Healthy and nutritionally balanced meals
  • Reliable equipment that limits any risk to health or safety

Quality employment

  • Stable jobs in a convivial atmosphere
  • Favourable working conditions and training opportunities
  • Remuneration and benefits at least equal to the standards of the sector
  • Fight against any form of discrimination

Environment and climate

  • Energy savings in lighting and equipment
  • Increased use of renewable energies
  • Preference for local and seasonal food products
  • Reduction of waste and recycling of what remains
  • Protection of water through use of ecological cleaning products
  • Promotion of ‘soft’ mobility for guests 
  • Application of sustainable construction principles and heritage enhancement in the maintenance and renovation of the buildings, in full collaboration with the City of Geneva, the owner of the site

Local and solidarity-based economy

  • Use of local producers and companies as far as available
  • Stable and respectful partnerships
  • Working with actors engaged in the social and solidarity-based economy

Sustainable and effective management

  • A quality of services and hosting that meets the current requirements
  • Transparent and rigorous management compliant with the legal provisions
  • Active cooperation with local tourist partners 

The Geneva Hostel carries out its commitments and concrete actions through coherent and sustainable management, attested by certifications recognized as highly demanding.


The Managing Director: Moudi KAVEH                                             

The Chairman: Stéphane GENDRE 


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The Geneva Hostel is located in a quiet area, surrounded by 5 stars hotels, very close to the lake and to the international organizations.

Contact Info


Rue Rothschild 28-30

1202 Genève - Suisse

Tel : +41 22 732 62 60

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