The environmental protection and of the climate, the local anchoring of our activities, the well-being of each, all this in very competitive costs!

We are constantly looking to improve ourselves to provide our customers, our staff and our neighborhood a safe and pleasant environment.

Here are some concrete actions that we have implemented in recent years:



The buildings have been an almost complete renovation which helps insulate much better windows and reduce lighting needs.


The separate waste collection is now available in all floors. Everyone can easily participate in the recycling of used materials.

 04 We succeed in limiting the water consumption by installing savers in all our faucets.                      


The new arrangement of the entrance of the establishment allowed to decrease strongly the noise which made certain groups in the evening, which disturbed the neighborhood.


Our establishment supports financially every year the association " Genève roule " which gives free of charge bikes in the city. The hosts of the "Geneva Hostel" can of course widely used this opportunity to discover the city on a particularly environmentally friendly means of transport.

 07 A small solar power plant installed on the roof produces a part of the hot water used in the building.
 08 Since 2011, we methodically calculate our emissions of greenhouse which allows us to know where we can reduce at best. The balance of emissions is offset via the foundation myclimate by supporting the construction of biodigesteurs for rural families in India.         
 09 A large part (42% in 2014) of the cleaning products we use are Ecolabel.

  We closely monitor many environmental, social and economic. An overview of key trends is available from our reception.

The Geneva Hostel is located in a quiet area, surrounded by 5 stars hotels, very close to the lake and to the international organizations.

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