Here are some proposals to return your particularly environment-friendly stay. Collaborate with us!


Enjoy free travel with public transportation ! Upon your arrival in the hotel, you will receive Geneva Transport Card who gives you a free access to the whole network of the public transports of Geneva. If you arrive by plane, you can also enjoy free transport ticket for 80 minutes. You can pick up a free ticket from the machine in the baggage collection area at the Arrival level. 10
You can also have a bike (free for the months of April to October) to move through the city and its surroundings from Genèveroule. The Geneva Hostel supports financially this association. 11
In winter in your room, do not leave the heater switched on if the window is open. You will avoid a large loss of energy. 12
Do not stay too long in the shower. Water and gas used to heat are valuable resources to preserve. 13
During the meal, use in connection with your hunger. No need to fill your plate if much will end in the trash. 14
Sort your waste carefully and do not throw them on the floor. In many places in our buildings but also in the city, the collectors used to separate plastic bottles, aluminum and paper for their revaluation. Batteries and accumulators must be deposited at the reception or to the dining room.  15
Avoid making too much noise in the hotel and in its immediate surroundings. The neighbors will thank you! 16

The Geneva Hostel is located in a quiet area, surrounded by 5 stars hotels, very close to the lake and to the international organizations.

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